Reviews for "Talesworth Adventure Ep.1"


They hurt...Good puzzles!


this game is diffcult and i use almost 1 hour to finish this game

Over and over

Played this game through about 5-7 times. High replay value - it's simply fun, logical and original.

Superb puzzle game!

But is the next one going to be the same? That is the question.

one of the best

This is definately a simple puzzle game gone crazy. 2 tools and a wiiiide array of possibilities, some of the puzzles seem impossible, i was stuck on Tricksy to begin, cursing it because it seemed impossible to get good ol' Questy out of the ogre trap. imo, this game is just simple, but complex enough to make u think. There really isn't much else i can think of that i would look for in the perfect puzzler, i love the graphics too.

And also, imo, Boulders care nothing for loot was the hardest. yes i took longer on that then the dragon one.