Reviews for "Talesworth Adventure Ep.1"


Big bug on "And get the gem" level. The 4 way thingy doesn't work in it, and it doesn't allow me to get the gem in that level. So can u take a look at it?

failed to save game

Everytime I tried playing, it wouldnt save my progress. Other than that this is an awesome game!



Good god

I Can't express in words *Uhamm* Typing of how much i love this game. It's just pure fun and a pure puzzle game at heart. Had a blast. And as a fan i demand more episodes. A Great idea to make this a episodic series. So take advantage of what you have here.

And to waffleman512 go fuck yourself :) At least have a valid reason why you would blam it.

jinxology responds:

Episode 2 is in development and it is essentially episode one on crack.

Too repetitive

The game have smart puzzles but it show everything after a few of it's first stages. After that...the same ogres, the same traps, the same boulders. hardly a surprise.
The thief idea was cool, a nice chance to develop a plot, include new characters...but no, let's kill him, move on and just struggle against the numbers from now on.
I turned off the music most of the time too.
catching the medals was nice aniway, they drive you to play once, write your solutions on a notebook and play again, making a easy drive through in all the stages, just like as if you're conquering them.