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Reviews for "Conquerors of the island"

Not perfect, but pretty fun.

It's a pretty fun and relatively easy game. It can get frustrating when you go 10 rounds without rolling a 6, but all in all the game itself is good.
What I would like to see though, is multiplayer and maybe the option to a pick your team.

Why do I even play?

Know how many times I've defeated enemy pieces? 20. Know how many times enemies have literally strung together as many as four 6s in order to come half way across the gameboard to defeat my pieces? 20. How many times have they strung together 6s to defeat other NPC pieces? 3. If you're going to have a dishonest game, at least have the decency not to pretend it's fair and based on die-roll luck.

With that out of the way, I have the following constructive criticisms: First, the game sometimes gets stuck when you roll but can't move, as if it's trying to find a piece for you to move and getting confused. This leads to having to start a new game.

Also, when you only have one piece to move, you shouldn't have to select it and move it; it should be automatic. There's already a problem when the spot you're moving to is behind the spot you're coming from, so forcing us to click when there really isn't much of a reason to do so just seems unnecessary.

Aside from that, the graphics and music are both great, and the gameplay (were it fair) would be just about top notch.

Ludo. Beautiful, but still ludo.

Compared to the ludo boards I played on as a kid, this one is breathtaking. That doesn't make it any less boring.


it says i can only play this on newgrounds.com, what site am i on then


once u get your team moving, the computer automatically rolls the dice for there to team to land on your spot everytime so u never win lol, other than that this would be a cool game if u could actually fight i like the graphics of it and the characters, just a dice game isnt that fun/