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Reviews for "Rebirth and Evolution"

omg wow

I cant stop looking at all the art work. You have to be going to art school. Your art is just really beautiful


it looks like toxic smoke


Love the color. I can't believe this isn't finished. What exactly do you still need to do with it? It already looks great.

5urface responds:

the whole star background needs to be redone, just doesnt look natural and also the nebula needs some fixing and maybe it needs some bigger stars

Wow that looks dificult

well it looks like you mixed digital art with pastels and paint allthough you need too make them seem similar or they will not blend right

its like making snow cones without a blender, you have the ice and the colored sweetener but no blender or shaver :D

5urface responds:

actually the nebula is drawn on computer but as my technique is still far from being perfect it doesnt look like what i want it to look like
yet ^^


I <3 green. You captured this color well my friend. The whole picture is simply beautiful. Props my man.

5urface responds:

thx ^^