Reviews for "Heavenly Fall"

Absolutely beautiful!
I wish the drums were a bit louder though.

DJsohlinyin responds:

After spending quite some time balancing the tracks, i think the drum should be more noticeable.

Thanks for the feedback.

I agree with spoonukem, the snare could have a slight volume adjustment.
I just want to say though... This song is beautiful, and amazing. I was looking through my download folder (which i never go into) and i found this song in there, never remembering i downloaded it. But i'm glad i did. I actually would like to request if i could get sheet music for the piano part of this song, that would be greatly appreciated if you could do that for me! This song is great!

DJsohlinyin responds:

Sorry for the late reply since I haven't uploaded anything for a long time as i haven't been inspired by anything for quite some time.... Nevertheless, thank you for your respond on the song. I would love to provide you with the sheet music for the piano part..... as soon as i learn to write sheet music myself.....heh

np man u have some great tunes buddy.

Pretty melody and instruments. Relaxing, yet strangely energetic. I like it! :) It has an amazing flow, but I do wish there was a little more dynamic contrast, even though it is a background-sort of track. The mood and the instruments were top-notch, though, and I like the ending a lot, too. Great job. ;)

DJsohlinyin responds:

thank you so much for responding. i will try to improve on my next piece. For the main while, check out the last one i have made, and comment on it too if you got a chance.

All around great piece. Very soothing, and inspiring. I agree, the snare could have a slight volume adjustment... other than that, amazing piece.


DJsohlinyin responds:

thank you so much for the reply, i am currently working on getting more plugins for my fl11 to gain access to more instruments with higher sound quality and clarity; this includes bass and drum sounds. I will upload a updated edition when i have done some more balancing.

Once again, thank you for the feedback. I am really glade that you like the song.