Reviews for "Neenja 2"


Stop leaving me hanging! Also, make a 3rd one if you haven't yet! Love your series so far.

arent volume 3 and 4 like 2 or 3 weeks ago?

cuz i saw the others but im not sure...otherwise this is my new fav series online, great artwork 2!


this takes me back...

your art style reminds me of those old Disney movies, like the aristocats and the great mouse detective... though i'm not sure that one is Disney... Anyway, your animation has something familiar and completely charming about it. oh and the monster coming from the crumpled paper? that's 7 different kinds of awesome!

good and stolen?

stolen really?

looks great

cant wait for the next. oh and @LSD265 parts 3 and 4 have been finished, they are just waiting for the voicing and music.