Reviews for "Neenja 2"

A great short, so far i like all of your videos,

@ dcmarvelrulz , please stop posting incorrect information, A ninja doesint have to come from japan , it doesint even have to be asian. There was all so greek ninjas, And your whole "assassin is a person who kills for money" then there wouldint be pirates, they would just all be called assassins and dont say they are called pirates because they have boats, a lot of ninjas used boats and even had conflicts with pirates, and please read up on ninjas, In japan, there ninjas were against Samurais because samurais thought the world was changing way to fast, and ninjas wanted to stop the samurais so japan could make progression, samuraris thought they were doing good for the lord, and ninjas were actually hired by the lord to stop them


I like all your flash works, but this one is my favourite!

To the guy below me, i was told it meant "silent warrior".

sum incorrect things

a ninja is an ancient japenese assasin an assasin is a person who kills for money

still great animation though


Really great flash and the music at the end is almost too damn epic, lol.


great job man