Reviews for "Neenja 2"

Can't wait for the next one!

When its all done, you should combine the segments to make a full movie! This flash has some old qualities that i really miss seeing in movies. Like a walk down memory lane. Thanks for the oppertunity to remember this. Out of honor and gratitude, I will rate 10/10 and 5/5.
Please let me know when you make another.


i like when she summons that troll thing o-o

Neenja not ninja

Well, i love this series, the story is great, the fact of the choosen one is a indian cab driver(well, i think is indian) and he is gonna be a neenja its awesome. But theres is one thing i dont like, the characters talk to slow and has Mal-Mike said, the flashes are too short, if you could make the characters talk faster and move faster and lenght the flashes it would be great. But, in the end, nice work, and i hope the next episode is even better xD

Good stuff

I literally just watched the previous "neenja" so watching through them both at the same time kind of helped. All I really have to say is lengthen them up by about a minute or two, and try to let the style that your going for mature and you'll only see good things(not to say you aren't already). Kudos 5/5 9/10


i can see this developing into a great series. you should make them a bit longer though, at the moment they are too small. some of the characters are really cheesy though, but i guess that kinda helps along with the story.

also, to anyone who cares, ninja's were originally from japan, often peasants, who mastered special martial arts techniques to use against their enemies, who were confused by their unorthodox methods and ingenious stealth devices and weapons.