Reviews for "Neenja 2"


All i can say is awesome especially the animation and the story.

I like the plot a lot

very interesting and with funny moments


saw a lot of screen tearing on the pan from left to right in that lady's house, but other than that it was really smooth and nice ^^

I'm glad you didn't record your VA's with Audacity

The audio quality is much better in Part 2. I'm glad you didn't use Audacity for this one because the voice acting is nice and clear.

The music however bugs me. In the original, when Mrs. Butcher chats with the thug, there was no music of any kind and when she creates the creature from a page of the book, there was suspenseful music, but it was subtle and actually worked with the scene and built suspense as opposed to overblowing it like the new music does; the choir was just the cherry on the overblown icecream sundae.

Honestly I just thought the new music was just layed on way too thick and it actually conflicted in volume with the voice acting; I could barely hear the conversation. Also, in the original, when the monster is created from the page, it has suspenseful music, but what made it so great was it's subtlety, the new music was just way too intense and edgy for that scene. It was not that epic of a scene. It worked great near the end, but only because the suspense peaked and the music decided to calm down from it's sugar high.

And that "tada" jingle when Mrs. Butcher pulls the curtain off of her statue is irritating. That was one of my favorite parts because it had no music and the humor was subtle. When you just overblow something like that ruins the experience.

I think the new music was great, just that allot of it was used inappropriately in this one.

I was disappointed with the lack of a visual update. For instance, that glow effect you did with gradients as opposed to a filter glow effect for Mrs. Butchers overhead lamp sorta made me twitch. If you're going to resubmit the old episodes, could you at least make some actual visual updates?


the animation is flawless,even from the paper turning into a big monster,you just dont see animations like that anymore