Reviews for "Neenja 2"

F**cking epic.

Just wow. I WANT MOAR!

XD !

I love he moment of the paper morph, another clear and good work, i wanna see the next part now :F


The drawings are so delicious and the bgm is really nice, too. Really like it : )

I think

Everybody should stop whining its obvious that he is remaking the old ones to continue the series. If you haven't noticed it was never finished.
Great job m8 i can't wait for the next episode ;D


Sykohyko responds:


I like this series but

VectorxMan is right, this is exactly the same as the old posts of this video in 2006. Its good flash, but re-posting it again was disappointing in my eyes. If it was retouched, added to, or was at all somehow changed I would see the re-posting as alright, but I compared the first episodes of both and you changed nothing.

You still get a 10 for good flash, but maybe come up with a new idea.

Sykohyko responds:

It's not the same. The previouse version had copy written music. This version has original music composed specifically for neenja. I also changed all the outlines from a crappy brown to black. Part 5 is coming soon and no ones seen part 5.