Reviews for "Escaping the Prison"

The Endings

The Badass Ending has to be my favorite with the Lame way being second; the Badass was completely apt in its description.

PuffballsUnited responds:

Good. I was almost afraid it wasn't badass enough.

Best Point 'n' Click Stick Adventure Game Ever.

With a number of possibilities, you play an imprisoned stickman framed for a crime he did not commit to escape from prison using rocket launchers, teleporters, and even the basic nail file to get out. Definitely front page material.

PuffballsUnited responds:

Except he sorta did commit the crime... :P

The Good, The Bad, And The Badass.

Great job man! I like all of the decisions. None of them seemed cliche to me other than part of the nail file where he cuts the bars in the window. The rest were well thought out and original. It's obvious you put a lot of time and thought into this project and it turned out great.

While I was watching, I was looking for areas that you could improve on. The one thing I would suggest to improve on would be the body language and action paired with facial expressions. For example, when the main character climbs up into the vents, his body should seem tense with his limbs curling inwards and his neck should contract, pulling his head down towards his body as he climbs up. Show and illustrate the struggle of the character trying to get to his destination by carefully putting together correct, exaggerated facial expressions that match his body's actions or language. (Climbing into a vent is not as easy as it looks.) :) Little details like that are fun think about.

Lastly I was looking for something I really liked and enjoyed. My favorite part was the "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly" scene. I just saw that movie the other week and seeing that reference as the Badass ending just made my day. I love that music too. Once again, well done.

- The Thumbsupguy.

PuffballsUnited responds:

Thanks for the awesome review! I've improved greatly with the way I animate but I know that body language is still the hardest thing for me to do. Thanks again for the sweet review!

veryy fun

excellent work id like to see more


This was really good. First fresh submitted flash ive seen all day. Nice.

PuffballsUnited responds:

I'm glad you think so! :)