Reviews for "Escaping the Prison"

got all medals

When u use Rocket launcher is fake that a curve can flip the rocket lancher , it must be slippery the curve ( i saw it dry ) Also its confusing when henry uses the grenade , launchs it but it gets back , Weird , He donĀ“t even know how to launch grenades at correct aim and force... Bruh , And yeah , Why when u use teleporter henry dont even knows how to teleport correctly , OR IT HAS LOW SPACE TO SAVE TELEPORTS. Edit: I clicked the sun accidentally but ended whit killing me , also added me a medal , also why the medal called DONUT WANT is even harder than the secret medal!? ( REcent edit: ) I got donut want medal 4 times , Strange

I'll always remember this as part of my young-hood


Good game. There are actually 22 fails in all so your medal is out of date.

PuffballsUnited responds: