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Reviews for "Our Dreams"

great story

while having good art and animation skills help, i think the story is what's most important. I thought the plot moved along well and was fairly easy to understand and the twist at the end was a great touch to an already good story that is easy to relate to if you have ever had a dream that nobody seems to understand.

PIED3 responds:

Good to see people connect with the story, thanks for the review!

Not so bad, Not so great...

I didn't think this was all that bad a flash, but there was a few things I thought you could do better, as Taizuku mentioned, the proportions were a little whacked when the characters moved about and turned and what not, but hey animation's a hard thing to do! And I'm sure it only gets better with practice...My main problem was the story, there was to much going on and I felt it just moved from drama to drama but not really focusing on the main concept of the kid with the dream to find his dad by any means neccessary! Enough of my rant.
Good attempt, all the best in your future endeavors!!!

PIED3 responds:

Hmmm.. I wasn't sure whether i had to much stuff in the story too, i just thought it would make it a bit mroe interesting and original, thanks for the review!

Yea to the douches under me

That gave a 1 and a 4 you can go to hell I enjoyed this greatly. It was magnificent, the final note on the tree struck home for me honestly seeing as i never knew my father. I appreciate the direction you took with this and the time spent on it. The animation itself count have been better like when the people turned the porportions changed dramatically but otherwise youve got a nice video here. Good luck on future projects.

PIED3 responds:

Thanks for the review, im glad you liked it!

Emo Kid

Your dad is dead. Get over it. =()

PIED3 responds:



my nam isnt john!m lawlz

PIED3 responds:

Hey john