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Reviews for "The Profect"


dude you rock i love you stuff is there a way to buy?

5urface responds:

what do u want it for? on deviantart i submitted this with an option for a download (in case of a use for personal needs)


This looks like it was a photo taken from a space station or something. Your art on space is just unmatched. How long does this kind of thing take you to do exactly? It's pretty obvious that it must have taken a while to put such extensive detail into the art.

5urface responds:

well if I make one of my better pictures sarting from scrap, including planets and such it takes often more than 10 hours

Its average score is a ten/ten

let's keep it that way



That was really perfect, the design from the light and others, like the glows and reflection, are awesome!!!

Extremely good!

Lens flare was right on and number of stars just right.

Wonder what would happen if you rendered a nebula.