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Reviews for "Sellout - LordOfTheRings"

need more jokes

i thought id be lol but didnt hapen

not funny

5 stars for flash. 5 stars lost for humor.


boring and not funny, animation was pretty though


I don't care if Warner Bros. hired you, this is absolutely boring! I've seen a child's stick figure comic that was more epic than this! And doesn't Warner Bros completely suck now? I mean, I don't think they have made a good film sense I was like 10! I'm sorry! But other than the mind-raping boredom, the animation was not bad! Better than what I've been seeing! 5/10 for animation alone...wait! -1 for crappy humor too! 4/10

sirjeffofshort responds:

No hard feelings man. I can totally understand if our comedy isn't for everyone. I just can never understand why people can't treat each other decently as human beings over the internet, but such are the pangs of anonymity, the ease of being rude to make a point, and the human desire for attention be it positive or otherwise.

As for the Warner Bros. thing, it's just a meeting amongst several others, and I was in no way trying to brag (although I am at least somewhat proud of my accomplishments, as I believe I have a right to be). I merely thought it ironic one reviewers use of the phrase "epic fail" (an all too common internet coloquialism that has really lost all meaning) to describe my cartoon, a phrase I might reserve for something like the Holocaust (to which I genuinely hope my cartoon was not equally painful for the reviewer haha), and being as the cartoon did in part help me to further my career I thought it might just be downgraded to plain "fail" rather than an epic one.

Anyways, as I said I can understand that this cartoon may not have been for you, perhaps in the future you will find one of our cartoons more to your liking, or perhaps one of our many other cartoons from our previous "Sketched" series, and if our humor just isn't for you, again no hard feelings.


Wasn't so good actually. It took too long to make your point in each scene, it wasn't that funny and all together boring to watch. Plus, sometimes the audio was too loud and other times it was too quiet.
I couldn't even make out some words, but maybe I wasn't paying enough attention because it was so boring.

And I didn't even like the art style, it was messy, sketchy and the colours were weird. I just can't give this a higher score. Even Sauron looked ridiculous with his gray armor and red cape.

The only thing that made me choose this anyway was because of the subject. When someone is making a satire or a parody out of LOTR, I'll be there.

I don't like just plain trashing something, so let's try and think of something that was good too! "This is me, giving you the ring" Maybe a played out joke but pretty amusing all the same.

sirjeffofshort responds:

Cool man, I can totally respect your opinions and the points you made. Thanks for remaining (or at least ending on) a somewhat positive note. We definitely weren't trying to parody the movie so much as make a comedy about the producer characters themselves, although the title did bring in a lot of people who likely weren't expecting the style of humor we tend to produce.

For the series to survive we may have to change a few things here and there so your comments will be taken seriously as you were kind enough to form them into coherent thoughts haha. Thanks for the review, hopefully you will find something of ours more to your liking in the future.