Reviews for "Sellout - LordOfTheRings"




And incrediably funny! Love the concept of the series and the timing between each joke is nice and evened out. I was also very impressed with the animation, it looks amazing and has smooth transitions. And the of course, the voice-acting was great and really helped the humor of the flash :)
Overall: 10/10 5/5


"Wait, wait I have an idea,"
"And what exactly do the elves have for us?"
"I brought you some cookies!"


this is me giving you the ring.... and this is me taking th e ring 0.o hahha nice line

over the f-ing TOP LOL

Love the beginning scene. I AM THE LORD OF THE RINGS... NOT YOU... NOT YOU BUT ME!!!

2 in the a.m. starved, exhausted, and sleepy as hell but cant stop laughing at it. beautiful viddo made my week LOL