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Reviews for "Sellout - LordOfTheRings"

dude, this was awsome

loved it

Pretty Damned Funny

Wow, that was awesome - the writing, the animation and the way that this has been dwelt upon for some considerable time. You've clearly spent a lot of time studying the film and the idea about the fact of someone not having seen the film is absolutely brilliant. With a film of this magnitude, you wouldn't expect anyone not to know who Frodo Baggins is.

Then again, when you come up with alternative names from them, they start to seem like football hooligans or drunks... especially Gary. I like the way that everything is set up as a low key discussion pre-script and development, which almost seems like they need a beer or two, to stimulate the creative juices.

Perhaps this piece could have been a more topical piece, related to the fact that The Hobbit has gone into production. Granted, you've got a smaller market, because not many people know who the cast of that are. Bilbo and Gandalf are recognisable, but the rest are pretty vague.

And of course, you've got the gay sex love interest in there with Sam and Frodo, which is easy to focus upon, as is Frodo and Gandalf, but I think it would have been a lot more risqué if it were say, Legolas and Gimli getting busy.

[Review Request Club]

sirjeffofshort responds:

Wow, that's comprehensive haha. Thanks for the review. It's true we could have explored the territory a little more, but that's not to say we're done with Middle Earth entirely... we'll see what the future brings. I'm glad you enjoyed the short though, keep an eye out for more in the future.


I was guna give it a 4, but that last scene did it for me. I couldn't stop laughing


Favorite line:


great job, really nicely done

More great work

The writing is very witty; you are very good at illustrating inanity. I noticed that you used more cut scenes in this one than usual but only to bring the silly ideas of the producers to life. My favorite scene was the first, the man declaring himself LORD OF THE RINGS!!!

sirjeffofshort responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. We are looking to bring a little more action to the series in the future, but I do have a special affinity for the inane moments in life.