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Reviews for "Sellout - LordOfTheRings"

Funny stuff

" AND GARY'S AXE" lolz. i felt like i could relate more to that movie because the names were shortened. jk. good job

Needs better writing

The animation and art is fine, but the characters, dialogue, and story are all so uninteresting and vanilla. All of the jokes were ridiculously unoriginal. You don't have a terrible formula here, but put a little more time into thinking of a better plot. You can't rely on extremely mild humor and annoying characters to move you forward.

pretty good

it was okay i mean the jokes were funny and shit

it's good,funny but........

Tolkien would NOT be proud, he'd laugh then sue u....just sayin.....also,as a LOTR fan, i just have to say this,UR A DISGRACE TO THE MOVIES AND THE BOOKS!,that wasn't funny, i mean it was but it wasn't, i am finally done,YAY

sirjeffofshort responds:

Haha, I expected some of this sort of backlash. I assure you everything in this cartoon came out of love for the original material. When we came up with the series we were like "Okay what would totally piss us off if it happened to these movies" and then went with that. haha.

ugh... so much horrible dialog

It didn't hit a funny bone, it didn't appeal visually, I just disliked it as a whole. The concept is funny, a horrible remake of LOTR, but everyone just bantered. And while the ideas were hilariously bad, they were presented dully and just came off as dumb. I've seen your animation style around the portal often and thought, "well It's better than nothing" but it's come to a point where I just think it's getting strait ugly. Everyone has shallow cheeks and looks anorexic, the hands are annoyingly bulbous, and I really just can't bare their faces anymore. The dialog sounds like a bad podcast you just decided to animate. As much as I try to see a silver lining, I can't find something I thought was too likable, maybe Sauron was drawn ok, but that doesn't make up for much.

sirjeffofshort responds:

No hard feelings man, our comedy isn't for everyone and my art definitely isn't. I do tend to take a lot of influence from the spanish style comic art of Humberto Ramos and the like (hence the facial structures and large hands and feet) and although it is a style I really like, and think lends itself well to animation, I don't expect everyone to agree.