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Reviews for "Sellout - LordOfTheRings"

To Be A Knob

You get yourself a score of 10 from me my good man; and the purpose of this is twofold! One: I was reading the comments and decided that no one deserves that mount of harsh criticism. Even if they dislike your work. Two: The people delivering said criticism are hardly qualified to do so.

Sorry, but...

...this felt really forced and the humor was a little too, well, bad. I didn't even smile throughout the thing.

On another note, the animation was infinitely better than anything I could muster up. Not that I have ever tried, but if I did I am sure your animation skills would still be much better.

Clever... clever...

I laugh at the creativity of the joke but not the joke itself. Excellent work.

lol@lotr but not that lol...

Lord of the rings has place in any nerds heart. this video really hit on a lot of the common jokes made when the series was still new.

Driving a Ferrari into battle? EPIC

This is hilarious shit.
Now I can understand the fanatics being pissed, but if you forget about how it's a mockery of the movie, and take it on its own merits, it's absolutely hilarious.
+10 for EPIC lulz
-.1 for unrefined artwork/voice-acting
-.1 for low framerate dust/smoke and simple/linear animations