Reviews for "Sellout - LordOfTheRings"

Pretty good! Awesome artwork

I liked it. Most jokes were pretty subtle rather than the laugh out loud type. But had a good home movies feel. Good job over all. More laugh out loud jokes

Funny, but gets boring after awhile

I love the part where they say ' PUT IN SOME WHEELS' VROOM~ LOL.. That kind of production will be kinda expensive~


i for one actually read the books, so it was funny to see how you satirized the process that a book has to go through before being marketable as a movie. the jokes here were really funny. anyone who says they didn't get them is the reason hollywood makes movies so mindless, so even YOU will watch them.

the part with same and frodo was drop dead hilarious. "this is me giving you the ring". that was perfect. other great part was when only one guy who knew the lord of the rings was, and everyone just ignored him.

you should make another one, and include in: smeagul/golum, gandalf, orcs, minas tirath; other great things like that!

hopeing for many more on this same topic!

Good artwork, needs a better story

I think it wasn't as good as I expected.
Needs better jokes, but the artwork was amazing.


I especially loved the way Sauron was drawn.
Too bad he got so little action.
I'd like to see more of him.