Reviews for "Sellout - LordOfTheRings"


"Did you see that bad ass Ferrari?" well done dude.

i'm the lord of the rings not you or you

that was a great little clip. i was laughing the whole way through, lol great work

Lol! The real love story!!!!!

Soooooooo true!!!!! Anyways, it was too short that's the only reason that you guys diddn't get a 10; everything was spot - on, gr8 job


wtf is with you guys? this was great! the animation was awsome (its his style , might not be streamline) sound was great and the story was pretty funny too - how can you guys be giving this a less than 8 :S

Ummm ok...

Sorry, but there were only a few things I found funny about this video, like the whole premise of it was good, and I would think that you would have more to work with there, but it just didnt appeal to me.