Reviews for "Sellout - LordOfTheRings"


just... YES

"I brought you some cookies!!"

Excuse the language....still....laughing....
Hehe, yeah, you did well, it shows everyone exactly how movies are made today, holds lots of truth while at the same time making a parody out of a famous film.
The replacement for Legolas was the funniest!
Now we all know how Eragon the movie came about, lol.

Good idea

I liked what you had to say but it wouldn't have been great if it wasn't for the sam and frodo scene at the end. Bloody brilliant!

Designed by Committee

You've perfectly captured what happens to great works of art when they're grabbed by studio executives. Very funny. I love the attack by segues. Voice acting needs work, though.

not funny

5 stars for flash. 5 stars lost for humor.