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Reviews for "Patchman: Production"

this is how activision does things



That was pretty much an epic win. Having it go from slow and monotone with everyone doing their simple job to having the guy buying the game to go all zelda awesome and then eat the video game disk. I honestly did not expect that at all and it made me laugh so hard. How you had each little scene animated was also very interesting as nothing went perfectly but it showed things that could happen in those situations. This was a well animated work that just culminated very nicely into the little package it was. Short and sweet in it's design. The links to other videos was also a nice little touch for easily finding some of your other works. Two thumbs up.

A Great Piece.

I love how it came together. So, meaningless.

In a good sense. Your information was gold. 'Consumers consume, Programmers program' and so on. I found that amusing after I picked up the pattern. It was a good little short, very well pieced together. It had a good, smooth flow, which I always look for in any animation. Nothing worse than a jumpy show. And I love your style, the whole 'Patchman' thing. It looks good, its well drawn and memorable.

Had this been a longer film, it would have made it to the top of the week with ease I would assume. This would be a handy little series. But I like the occasional short, just put some more depth into future work in order to really achieve things. I also loved the occasional little subtle Gag, immature humor almost. My favorite (:

Such as the Zelda thing, and the Egoraptor exclamation mark/noise. I quite liked the entire thing. Its only imperfections lay in now having an amazing story structure, or any real film value. I can appreciate a short film though, that's why I'm still giving it a high score, and have it a solid vote too. I look forward to more of your work. Keep this up. This could become a very notable Newgrounds series in my opinion. I know this will be the first thing that comes to my mind the next time I see a patchwork doll.

Great stuff. Short & Sweet.

Good One

Reminded me of a lot of other "funny if taken literal" things. Vegetable oil, peanut oil, baby oil. . .

RiverJordan responds:

Haha, thats pretty much how the joke started. A friend and I were like "lol what if..."

Nice one

Somehow, throughout my rampid animationg viewing sessions I had this week, I passed over the little gem, Luckily i finally found it! Thanks you so much Duchednier for not making me spam more zeros!

RiverJordan responds:

You're most certainly welcome!