Reviews for "Pixelknight II"


Super fun game with great controls... however its really laggy for me. Maybe its cuz im running it with Chrome or maybe its just my computer being crappy... either way I hope this gets front paged :D


eh its pretty good


Good game! but you have to improve the gameplay is just a rough council not take it so bad but the rest I will put your game to 4
Good luck!


I really enjoyed PixelKnight II more than I enjoyed the first one. You did a very nice job on this one. The variety in weapons and monsters really kept things from getting boring.


i loved the fist pixel knight to death it was close and personal the camera seemed to shake adding a bit of true epic (if not frantic) feeling to the game. with it scrolled out i dont feel as connected to the different enemy types...i never once when GOD I HATE THOSE LITTLE RED BLOBS. the oldschool feel of the game is great very good to remissness but it doesnt have that great addictive feel