Reviews for "Pixelknight II"


this is a really great game.
best one ive seen in the portal over the past few days.

what i liked:
the weapon variety
the enemies follow you (smart enemies)
it was very smooth.

what i didn't like:
im not sure if the super mario world foreground is a bad thing or a good thing... i would have liked to see extra creativity with that.

overall great game

Very Fun Game

I liked this game a lot. It has good music for the levels. The Difficulty level is just right. The background moves when you move. Also its not to short or to long. A lot more things i would like to say about this game but ill sum it up with a 5/5

(Also if i some how doubled post i am sorry i left a review on here all ready but it did not show up >.>)

good game

reminds me of castlevania

Really good

This is better then the first one in my opinion because you are not just waiting for enemies to show just to put a knife into their head, I didn't give it a ten because the boss was really easy and the game feels somewhat short


This game is spelled a-w-e-s-o-m-e. It`s fabulous. I`ve played it over twice,that`s how good it is.luv it it`s on my favs. It is the BEST flixel game