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Reviews for "Carbide Iterations"

Your music has a very singular tone and atmosphere ...
of course to each his own but for me, it's dreamy, eerie, and a whole bunch of other awesomeness


OcularNebula responds:

dreamy and eerie are adjectives I can totally get behind

singular is a little bit more questionable

though I'd like to think that I try to infuse my music with some degree of variety, I suppose I do naturally tend to gravitate towards a very particular aesthetic anyway

not that it's a poor aesthetic

in fact, I quite like it, though, as you've said, it might not appeal to everyone

Ahh good ol baroque chord progressions. Vivaldi would be proud. As much as i love each piece you do, i have to agree with the comment below. The synth could have indeed used a change through the song.

OcularNebula responds:

dat circle of fiffz, brah

Really nice chord progression you have going there. I like the sound of the drums as well. The only reason I didn't give you a higher score was because I felt like you could have transferred the melody into more synths than the one you seemed to use throughout most of the song. Also you could let up a tiny bit on the reverb/delay, but overall really nice!

- Conor S.

OcularNebula responds:

thanks for the review!

I've actually considered the things you mentioned as I was writing the song, but it seems the extent to which I implemented these considerations was not significant enough. The main arp melody does indeed get layered with another synth as the song progresses, but the change is gradual and the supplementary synth is rather quiet.

Same goes for the reverb/delay, I've decreased those incrementally as I was writing the song, but only by very slight amouts, I'm afraid.

It is unlikely that I will re-edit this particular piece, but I will certainly try to find ways to implement your critique in future projects!