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Reviews for "The Flood Runner 2"


Nice game

Really addicting

The game just kept me going, finally got a score of 1,819,790 and called it quits.
Nice work bro!


Ignore the people trying to tell you how to make your game.
This is truly a great scroller game.

Whenever i get bored in class this is the one that I always end up playing...this and toss the turtle.

Kudos again man

Great Game

Its a Fun and Addictive Game :) Hope there will be a sequel


These are just some of my suggestions if there is a sequel,
-Achievement Board
Maybe 500,000 points, 1,000,000 points,
-At least 1 more Surfboard unlock
Unlock 1 more Board, Unlocked all boards achievements
-Character Colors
My opinion, i'd like to see a choice of character colors.
Players should have to unlock them by maybe % game completion.
And Last, level of difficulty should be a choice, but again, the last few should be unlocked.
I really hope you put these ideas into a sequel.