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Reviews for "Cover Orange Players Pack"


apparently your not the only person who can make a great flash level


I just had to do a 10 here to balance ot the licenced music idiot thing. It¨s a great game and deserves higher than a lame five.

It's a great game! ^^

It's a challenging game and Fun those are the types of games I want! good job ^^ keep up the good work.

oh and d-bismark, then why score zero if you only asked what song did he get it?

They're so cute

I thought this was one of the lesser things you have submitted, but it was still fairly fun. The best thing about it is that you can really take your time with it, as the cloud doesn't go until you have used everything. I even managed to get past the second level without having to use one of the wheels! It is strange how a game with bombs features you trying to save someone (or whatever those things are). I also have to admit that the little guys sound adorable when they die. Yeah, that does sound morbid.

I doubt that you wrote that music.

There's show, Fools village, as I remember. The music is from there. Am I right?

Johnny-K responds:

Music used with permission.