Reviews for "The Maths quiz"


me feels smarterz


I got 25%
Good game

Fun but...

... very easy! I got 100% :P

Good game to flex those math muscles

I got a score of 68, but I feel that I could have gotten a higher score if the timer wasn't there.

some of those were those that you had to do some paper equations. As in, stop, put the equation on paper and then solve. One of the questions I was about to put in the answer when time ran out.

I feel that if you make another math game like this, to put an option for a timer or not.

Really I am a math nut, which is why I like this game... I am just a hands on kinda guy. To be honest, I would love to have gotten huge formulas, gotten a piece of paper and tried to figure out the answer. I could do those all day.

Thanks for the experience though. And I hope that you make more, just with either more time, no time, or just time consuming puzzles for math nuts like me.


but add some more!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep going :)