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Reviews for "Mechanics"


This is one of my favourite games! hope you get frontpage!!
one thing though, on lvl 17, the machine is too sensetive and that is a problem, because if you place them so close so it works, it's too short, if you put them a little bit away, the machine won't go.

=D =D =D =D =D =D (6/6 smileys)


This game is soOoOo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o addicting... extremely fun. kept me entertained for quite some time. puzzle games are also my favorite genre so yup. awesome

Became one of my favorites!

I really enjoyed playing all the levels. Good and entertaining design, the music suits the game, although I had to restart it a few times (mute and unmute), and the physics are awesome! You really have to try hard to get all the stars!

One thing that in my opinion all the completed levels should have attached to it in the main menu is an indication on how many stars the player got.
I got 39 stars... And I don't remember in what level is the star I didn't get :(

tmifx you upload really good games! I also really enjoyed your other games, you should have won some trophies already! I'm voting ALL MY 5 R BELONG TO THIS in all of your games!!! xD

Nice game

It's a good game.
It's like super stacker but now with mechanics.

Nice game!

Very fun to play through, although there is a big glitch in the game. Right clicking, then left clicking allows you to place a cog anywhere on the screen (Including gray areas and on top of other objects)

Good work, nonetheless!

Make sure you have cookies enabled. The game does in fact save your progress.