Reviews for "Nintendo Wiiiiiiiiiiii"

Wii Buster!!

That just made me day XD


I laughed till i cried and cried till i laugh.

You just got



great tide-me over, and a little bit of a reveler. i now know how Mario will get out of this. ether the Luigi that was turned to stone was a Wee-gee cutout, like the one in episode 7, or the suitcase comes to the rescue. (got that last bit because I noticed the suitcase was not turned to stone, so where could he be). wait, their are 3 more possibilities. 1:the Wario brothers come and accidentally save the day 2:shadow appears just in time to save Mario 3: mecha-sonic comes in for the chaos emeralds, and ends up saving Mario and friends again(he saved them at Yoshi island)

Lol, hilarious.

Too frickin funny man, but the wii is for little girls! That makes it even more funny, it should've been an Xbox 360....