Reviews for "Nintendo Wiiiiiiiiiiii"

It's nice to see this story continue at least somewhat. Yep, it is entertaining to see all this insanity. It was more elaborate than most April Fool's Day stuff. I now understand what it was referencing. Hey, the sprite work was good at least! I guess this is the last chronological submission in the series on this website.

It was probably too short. At least we got to see some really cool knives. I'm glad to have seen all your flashes now! There should be an April Fool's Day collection. That audio is still funny.

A bit short, but still, WIIII!

Luigi's Stande is the best Stande

dude this is 2015 i been looking for the next episode :(

To think I saw this 5 years ago, and didn't know what it was. Back to the present day I decided to watch the Jojo's Series. I've been missing out since then. Amazing, looking forward to the reboot!