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Reviews for "Nintendo Wiiiiiiiiiiii"


it was great, though it didn't have a story. Still Wii rocks.


LOL Wii Die! XD

Totall lol...

hey, did you get this WIIII idea from anything like , RIIII?

TOTALY AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WIIIIII is epic and shadow whould be obious as is shadow saving them althoug i'm thinking it's gona be sonic or luigi because one of them got a one up


i hope that just something ultra epic happens that saves mario and the rest not shadow that wouldt be kinda obvius metal sonic wouldt be epic but if you can think of something more epic or more unexpected that wouldt either increase the epicnes or how funny the series is its your series so i wont tell you what to do just a little advice go nuts