Reviews for "Neenja: Way Of The Harut"


this vid is mean! its like all tv shows, (stop in a interesting part) you should make the whole vid and then publish it

I have some things to point out

I'm glad you made some auditorial updates but you didn't re-record the voice acting. It's obvious that you recorded all your lines with Audacity, I can tell because I can hear Audacity's horrible encoding evil hovering as background noise everytime Hayk or his midget buddy speak.

I can only hope that you don't use Audacity anymore, I can only hear Audacity evil in the background because of a new headset I bought, which from my personal experience is currently the best on the market; GigaWare USB Stereo Microphone Headset.

The music is great, it really does improve on the original.

When you said that you made visual updates to the original, I was expecting eh... You know, shading, backgrounds, crap like that. But I couldn't find any noticeable visual improvements from the original.

When is the sequel

I cant wait for thhe second


Its ok but its not that great.The thing that bugged me the most was the voice acting.It was shit.The guy with the mustache didn't even speak proper English.Besides that, the animation is the best on NewGrounds that I've seen so far.Its smooth and clear.I would complain that it is a bit short but its split into parts so its not a big problem.


The music sounds like something from Prince of Persia. Very funny. I just wish I could see more. Good luck with it and you should probly make another.