Reviews for "Neenja: Way Of The Harut"

A good quality flash.

I noticed that you submitted this back in 2006 with a couple of flaws. In the newer release you fixed the flaws.

I would like to point out however, one mistake: sound quality. Some parts the sounds were too quiet. When he was eating the fortune cookie, you should've added a crunching noise.

Just remember that not everything is perfect, but this is really close. I espicially enjoyed the line, "Why are you hitting me in da face?!" That accent was classic!

I eagerly await the next episode.

that was funny....

im now a fan!!


The kicker for me was the expressions that you gave the characters. They flowed smoothly and you could vividly see how they were feeling and such! Excellent!

Love that big nose guy!!

I haven't seen this vid in so long. i miss him

Looking forward to the next one

Great animation, music,
but there were some parts where there could have been a sound effect, like when he slams his laptop closed, eating the fortune cookie,

and the voice acting didn't match the mustache man too well.

other than that, one of the best looking animations I've seen on Newgrounds!
Good luck with finishing up the series