Reviews for "Neenja: Way Of The Harut"

lol awesome

love the faces he makes wen he discovers he is/was a ninja...lol..he ate 4000 yr old cookie...haha


This is really a great video. Some will say it lack whatever they think it lacks but it looks really good to me. I hope you make more of this.


Awesome art work! Great story! Good mic! Only... earliest records of fortune cookies are from the early 19th century... and the modern fortune cookie as displayed in the vid is from china town in america from approx. 1890. Still great work tho! Keep it up!

oh dude

i loved thast little asian dude. lol i neeeed part 2!! right noww lol

YeY neenja way

Well, i´m goona be brief, its a great flash, i love this series, but the characters talk to slow, and the way the history develops so quickly it isnt really great, you should make longer flashes and lenght the rythem gos. In the end, i love the series and keep the good work xD