Reviews for "Neenja: Way Of The Harut"

Awsome work

I liked the graphics, and the fortune cookie part, freakin hilarious!

Sounds about right...

... what the hell would I do if this happened to me... 0_o though, seriously, that sounds about right for one of those "Chosen one" stories... lol


Fuckd up but funny i like

The Worlds Best Clip

" I don't want to eat the fortune cookie." "But you must." "I am not going to eat the 4,000 year old fortune cookie." Chinese guy Bitch slapps him. lmao great movie.I don't know why but this clip reminded me of the game I Dont Even except this was twice as better. -Emin3m/Frusciante/Life.Aftre.Today? P.S: Outstanding job Hayk Manukayan and Nick Tomassetti

Ninjas Rule!

Awesome! Great movie! I'm totaly going to watch the sequel!!!!