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Reviews for "What the hell is that?!"


Not bad,in fact i liked this movie,Star Wars movies are usually good,(this was one of those)You should have given your movie better name though.I'll give you 6.

These balls make me testy.

So...RadishClock, is it? You look more like...a Daikon. You know, horseradish. They're the ones that are so spicy they're painful. Yeah. I got the same feeling from watching your flash. I did like the audio, however. How you used R. Lee Ermey's voice from Full Metal Jacket. And Steve Martin, from one of his skits on SNL. Unny. Think it's a typo? No. Decided to save the last "eff" sounding letter in this piece to give you a fart. Sure, it smells, but it has it's moments. Like your animation. Kinda sucky. Not much going on, but that nut in a cup. An egg cup, no less. Would've been good if you had someone tapping it with a spoon to break it, and then there was a scream heard acroos a great distance. But, no such thing. Too bad. Might be better with what I said, but no guarantees.

RadishClock responds:

Indeed, this movie may not deliver in the animation department... Nor does it have much originality or substance or any overall quality whatsoever. But let's face facts here. Who are we to pass judgement on such a misunderstood piece of... well, shit. Screw it, I'm out of funny so I'm going to quit trying. Don't you hate it when you're all "ok, here's a great review, let's reply with some really witty", but then you get distracted by something on Nickelodeon and totally screw it all up. Then you're left with a half-finished sub par reply where you just go on and on typing about it until you catch up with yourself and run out of room to conti

GOD Dami

Another Peice Of BULLSHIT

Well u put everthing CarrotClock left out!

I'm becuse of how much I lughed will give 9 and vote 5
All must vote 5 for the mighty RadishClock!


Excellent shiz. I bet PM would be jealous

RadishClock responds:

PM? OH dear lord, you don't mean that hairy Kermit, do you? Don't bring up that abomination in my presence ever again.

Thanks for the CUNT SHIT