Reviews for "Kevin Bacon: HIJINX"


before:just now i saw the dark screen thing. nice. and its also nice u answer the people even that u know they wont read.
after:what the????? its so short and not showing the lightning bolt or kamehameha or whatever it is. but its nice and i like givin 10

LewToons responds:

haha well thank u sir!

hmm not bad

its pretty neat, nice work, and oh btw nice touch with death note song hah!

LewToons responds:

ya!! im suprised someone caught that!


The ending is great. I laughed so hard.

Good job on not using Bacon in any sort of joke format. Thanks.


you sir, are a genius.

LewToons responds:

ty man

agree with ollopa

Great job ... well could show the battle ^^ but the ending was very dramatic and no joke/harm done XD