Reviews for "Kevin Bacon: HIJINX"

It was pretty good animations

You did very nicely considering that you only had moments notice to make this animation. Could be longer, though the music and voice acting fit rather nicely into this.

Though I don't get whose Kevin Bacon?

LewToons responds:

ya im not very good at drawing him haha.

great video

this was pretty interesting and sort of funny. i really loved the death note music background and this video reminded me that i needed to finish the last episode, which is wat im right about to do. the only thing i didnt like was how short it was... a hell of a thing to complain about i guess but, suprisingly, i really wanted to see more.

GiantJuicyKickballs voice

It sounds like Tomato's voice. I hope I have his name right. But only at certain points . ANYWAY, I like it, very funny.

I see the hilarity

But the flash ended at getting funny. But for a quick project for a silly day indeed, Kevin Bacon Day, nice work. You animate very quickly :)
I really loved the voice actor and I see now what you meant ;)
Oh Kevin.

Kevin Bacon FTW!