Reviews for "Kevin Bacon: HIJINX"

spaghetti bacon?

This Flash makes me feel hungry.

Hungry for BACON!!

I liked it.

LewToons responds:

haha thanks man!!

i loled

ppl seem to think everything u submit needs to be some epic journey with amazing animation, i like to take some jokes for what they are. simple short jokes with no real point, kudos sir

LewToons responds:

and kudos right back to ya! thanks for recognizing the point! (tho kevin bacon is epic)

Considering the prep time...

...it was pretty good.
I'm sure you were unaware of Kevin Bacon day before it happened, so since this was made in such a short period of time, I have to give you credit for accentuating the true spirit of Kevin Bacon day.

Kevin bacon is the hardest man in the world!!

Couldnt stop laughing at this, very cool.


...where's the rest of the fight? it could have stood fine at this length if there was more to it. Instead, you just built up to nothing when you cut it off. Let down, man.