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Reviews for "Sonic Shits"


you gotta be seven or have no sense of humor to find this funny.
you overused t.v. show quotes, and the art looks like it was drawn by a two year old.

the jokes are un-original, and the original ones suck. and the shadow jack-off one was too gay to be funny.

the vioces where staticy, and that "fires everywhere" joke got old the first time.

over all, it doesn't look like you put any effort in it at all.


That was nothing like what i was expecting. It was pretty stupid.

ummmmmm wth??????? O_o

most of the shorts has got rly bad quality and that. and some of them were rly disgusting aswell (soz if i affended) i didnt rly find it all that funny and i didnt expect there being sexual ones......... thats what was gross.... did wax70 rly do this??? O_o and yh i knew it was an april fools joke so if u wirte a response u cant rly say that i didnt know....

Grow up. That was very immature compared to the rest of the Sonic Shorts. The quality of picture really was awful, and I couldn't comprehend the garbling. You should be glad I can't find where to flag this. This is for adults only.