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Reviews for "Sonic Shits"

Still good compared to what I can do!

The fact it was badly made actually made it funnier!
I got the Mean Bean Machine one quite well!
The whole 'Shadow pleasuring himself' one was pushing it however...

Fine work

I almost find it difficult to praise a flash which revels in its own immaturity. Yet, similar to "South Park," I cannot ignore the brilliant satire of "Sonic Shits," which causes me to laugh even as I write this review. If ridicule of the video game industry, fan boys, and the "Sonic the Hedgehog" series itself can ever coexist with jokes about "Sonic" characters smoking marijuana, defecating, and masturbating, it is only in this flash. Excellent work, my friends.


Very bad quality but...

Well... that's it's theme. I'm not sure what this is really supposed to be but... I like it. Great job guys.

ok for an april fools joke

Personally, I like $eg@ better.

Hahaha!... Ew.... HAHAHAHA!

I loved just about every bit of this fart of a farce, except the "I am the Ultimate!" part. Ew... But Eggman's quote from the old TV show was hilarious with how you made it. XD