Reviews for "Pitfall 2010!"

April Fool's Day anyone?

Hah, despite I haven't played it THAT much so far, I can't shake the feeling that this has something to do with today being April the 1st... I mean, considering that I-Mockery always submits something like this on this day and "far" means getting to that tank from Mega Man II which I don't know how to get through...

I'm waiting for you to unveil the joke, guys!

Ahah tears of joy

I hope you make a Pitfall II version too!


Poor bastard. No one told him...

Jeez, DeathMetalDrummer.

Have at least a small amount of respect for this game! It's a true classic (with an added twist! I never expected guts-dozer in there, ha ha!)!

10/10 for bringing back a classic in a "unique" way.


It looks like there are actually a couple of endings depending on which way you go and how. Going straight right gave me a megaman type boss lol. Going down the ladder than left gave me a robo-monkey. Going straight left gave me some stupid floating guy. It's all hilarious LOL! Funniest pitfall remake evar.