Reviews for "Pitfall 2010!"

how to beat pitfall 2010 ?????

in order to beat this game you must get killed by all 3 bosses : sinstar,mecha kong and tankman from mega man in one sitting when you do you will unlock expert mode its basically the same except that you run like you on drugs

Then get killed by all the bosses on expert mode(you have infinite lives on expert mode ) and you will get the BEST ENDING EVER IN NEWGROUNDS HISTORY seriously it awesome i mean pitfall larry gets £$%^^&&**!"$$^&&** then he £$£^%&&** and finally he$$^&*((%$£ and thats pitfall larry walkthrough

nice april fool's game

if you go backwards then eventually you see some random boss i guess and he eats your head 0,0


You can't win so kinda no point in playing. Sinistar made me lawl though and you made me wanna play it again


I'd forgotten about pitfall, this aint any better then the original

Oh, I see.

HAR HAR HAR, you pranked us but good this April Fool's Day! But why didn't you add Rick Roll?