Reviews for "Pitfall 2010!"

Jeez, DeathMetalDrummer.

Have at least a small amount of respect for this game! It's a true classic (with an added twist! I never expected guts-dozer in there, ha ha!)!

10/10 for bringing back a classic in a "unique" way.


Yet another pixel platformer.
The controls were annoying, gameplay was dull.
Most call it a "flashback" or "old-school", I call it a boring game.


that was amazingly done, very good job man

I liked it.

Until I got to the 3 alligator jump on expert going to the last boss. No matter what I do I can't get the timing down to make it across.

So fuck me. I can't see the ending. :(.

Hahaha sweet!

I agree with rcrkar3, the ending its pretty cool lol. Liked the story behind it too, quite funny idea! The classic pitfall pixel animation and sound effects were awesome as well :)
Overall: 9/10