Reviews for "Pitfall 2010!"

I realize this was good game back then...

I hated this game in Ultimate Alliance. It is just terrible, pong, pacman, and other atari games were good... but this... it sucks. I realize you tried to make it funnier and cooler, and that's the only reason why I made it at least 5 stars, instead of zero... it's just too hard and too boring.

Nice retro but too hard

I know its a retro game but why are the controls so stiff and why is the gmes so hard? plus there are no hints. still dont know how to kill the first boss. I give up. its not the 80' anymore.


how you kill the boss?

Heres what that is.

The 2000 wum well what ever it is for it is not your health, it is the treasure points! Just letting you know so you don't get confused! Okay? Oh cool game dudes! I have the 1 for the Atari. Ps i don't have the Atari, i just have one of those plugged in games.

this game is pure evil

i just have to beat everything, it took me damn near twenty minutes, and i get to the third boss on expert mode and the game mocks me.

highly addictive, funny. 8/10

what is the name of the gorilla boss? or rather, what is it from?