Reviews for "Pitfall 2010!"

Lol Bosses

I couldn't get past the SPOILERGutsManSPOILER, but then again, I'm really bad at these games.


I was pleasantly surprised to see a Pitfall remake game here on Newgrounds and made by one of the most famous game makers here ever since i been coming to Newgrounds in I-Mockery,i got a kick out of the intro screen looking like the old intellivision intro screen but as for the game it reminded me so much of the old Pitfall and how aggravating it was too so overall this was a swell remake of a classic in Pitfall.

I beat both modes!

I beat the game on both modes, but the endings suck a lot.

its allright

on my xbox (orangnal) i played it on "marvle ultmant alince" but still its fun


I love this game it's my favorite atari game...it's my only favorite atari game.