Reviews for "Pitfall 2010!"

Its awesome!

i love old and classic arcade games, and I saw no glitches in the gameplay. I couldnt beat the first boss and I kept trying, but now I just think there is no way. I tried everything and nothing. Otherwise this game is really good!

wow!! pitfall! such memories...

ive been waiting for someone to make this! i actually played the original on intelavision when i was a kid! ( guess that shows how old i am!) never could get to the end on the original but still loved it. like the bosses, that was pretty good.


If you reach in the last minute of time to the boss and hold for it you beat him and there is an end.

Reminds me of the old days...

OF course, I wasn't around for the old days. But either way, it's fun to play a game this old. Too bad the game was never really that fun anyway. But good overall. Not great, but good.

E-P-I-C ! But...............

Whether you go to the far right or to the far left it doesn't matter.Either way you're gonna get killed by invincible bosses.