Reviews for "Pitfall 2010!"

dow¬° XD

Good ol' faithful! Lovin' iMockery :-D Great to hear from Harry and to see he's moved on from his gambling problems lol

It's good....I guess. Maybe you could give us a god damn hint on how to defeat the red machine skull thing...Then again, this is an april fools game. Meh.

Since I could dust off my old 2600and play this game for hours, I know every twist and turn of this game (That's right mrblackcherry, I found it too), but something urks me about the physics. The character moves kind of fast, and the jumping is a little awkward. But I have loads of respect for the Atari 2600, and this game, so 5/5.

It's obvious that all of the 10 year olds that play COD all day don't know that this game was revolutionary to the gaming industry, it's a cold hard classic. But I do love the twist in this flash version xD I dare someone to try and find it.